How to repair corrupted excel file

Microsoft Excel can go crazy due to various reasons, leaving you frenzied. Also, such errors occur when you are in utmost need of your files. You can come across various error messages in case of corruption like

"The file is corrupt and cannot be opened" error on office 2010 Excel while opening .xls files “Cannot access read-only document???.xls” “File format is not valid”

“File cannot be accessed”

Microsoft has some great tips to recover excel file that won't open or are otherwise corrupt although they are a bit tough to try. Here are few other alternate ways to help you out.

Some useful steps to be adhered in cases of corruption as follows:

  1. Close excel and re-open it or restart computer and try to open the file again
  2. You can try to open the file in open office calc, rename and try to open it in excel
  3. If this doesn't work, delete the contents of your c:\windows\temp directory then reboot
  4. If this doesn't work, open Excel in Safe Mode or scan for viruses
  5. If still not works then, find the file in Explorer, right click on it and rename it, replacing the .xls extension with .doc extension to open it in MS Word
  6. If the recovered file won't open or you could copy the file to another location, try to open the file in a more recent version of Excel

If all these fail then probably the excel files are majorly corrupted. They need recovery rather than tips. So, there remains just one option but that might not be free and that is taking help of recovery software. The recovery software scans the chosen file for correction and successfully retrieves all the data in it and saves them into new excel files. These files can be saved at any desired location and are identical to the parent file. The software takes care to restore each and every detail from the damaged file.

MS excel uses .xls or .xlsx files to store data on the hard disk. Damaged disk files are readily repaired by such tools. Just indicate the corrupted excel file to be repaired.

A quick look over its features will allow you to assess its strengths:

1.Completely recovers the text, formulas, fields including URL’s 2.Capable of recovering sheet names and restores formatting. 3.Recovery of tables, data structures, OLE objects, headers, footnotes and hyperlinks. 4.Recovery of password protected worksheet (if password is known to the user) 5.Excel file Repair Software can successfully recover Text Strings 6.It even recovers Integer and floating point numbers

One good choice:

RecoveryFIX for Excel Recovery can be used to repair excel files easily. It is integrated with an easy GUI for better support. It also features Single and Multiple file modes for recovery. It supports recovery from MS Excel files created using Ms Office 2010/2007/2003/XP/2000. It also has LIVE Update feature to auto update the software with the latest version. Evaluate the software with the free trial version to preview repaired files but you have to buy the full version to save the files.

The author of the article is a qualified IT software analyst and has vast experience about different recovery tools. His aim was to make the readers aware about the various possible ways to recover Excel file in cases of errors. However, corrupted excel file can only be repaired with the help of recovery software. For more information visit this site: